A boon it is!

I just realised something today. Engineering is the one professional course where we can actually find people disinterested in becoming an engineer. It’s like every student’s backup plan. “If anything doesn’t go as planned, I’ll take engineering!”

Consider Medicine or Law or CA. The mentioned courses requires a lot of hardwork, focus and determination to get into one and also to continue with it. It’s not that easy if you don’t have the passion to drive you.

But it’s not the same case in Engineering. I have found many people around me having some reason for disliking their course. It’s either because they wanted to get into medicine but their credits could fetch them only engineering. Or because they do actually like engineering but stuck with the wrong department due to various reasons. Or because they simply don’t know what to do after school and engineering seemed like the safer option to choose.

And there is always my category. Their interest will be something non-professional like journalism or psychology or photography and so on… but unable to make that as their profession, they preferred engineering. Afterall majority of the students end up here. Plus after getting the degree one can get into a job. That is it, temporary goals satisfied right? 😉

Ofcourse there is always the exception. Many do like engineering and it’s subjects and choose it genuinely out of their own interest. This article is not about them. I started writing this as I found many people around me experiencing the above said in recent times. Even I am one amongst them.

Some have accepted the fact that engineering is their fate and are now in terms with it. For the other half of the crowd, let me just say something.Try turning what you think as a bane into a boon. It’s okay to have chosen the field you are in.  Learning about the things around you and how they function is what engineering offers (and yes, it does vary with respect to the branch you have chosen.) You will find that helpful at some point. There is always time for you to follow your passion and learn more in the future. So quit thinking that you are stuck and that it’s a waste of your time. Instead face it with positivity that it’s always good to gain knowledge, whatsoever.

P.S. : Learning is different from studying and I know the subjects can be difficult and dry to study at times. :p But relating it to real world applications (like some training or factory visit) and doing simple projects and stuff now and then will make it interesting and even motivates you. That’s how it was for me atleast. 😀


Flinch no more girls!

I wanted to share my thoughts on something today. PERIODS. Yes, you read it right. 

Let me start by sharing an incident. During the lunch break in my college a girl had come from my neighbouring class asking for a help. Sitting in the last bench I was just observing her body language. She kept looking around the class fearing the boys might hear her. She went near her friend and whispered something after which her friend slid what she had asked with much difficulty so that people won’t notice. And all this time her face was so worried.

Can I blame her for being so nervous!? NO!

There are a lot of taboos in India and speaking or rather even uttering the word periods is one amongst them. All you can expect from the men in public while saying this word is an uncooked expression like you have uttered an unparliamentary word. 

Everyone expects you to carry the sanitary pads wrapped in black or brown covers so that no one knows about it. Knows about what? That you are buying one!? Like seriously! Practically every household has one and don’t tell me that you are buying one without the knowledge of the men in home.

I am sure everyone is knowledgeable enough to know the human body and how it works. Girls/ladies do have a monthly cycle and that is the normalcy of it. So they shouldn’t go pink in embarrassment about it. Things have evolved and you see India developing as a country but still our society’s thoughts remains the same!?

I wanted to express my thoughts about this in a public platform and I am glad I did. This is to all the girls out there – you never should feel bad about taking the topic of a completely normal thing. Only if you be brave in expressing, the people around you will accept this “new” change sooner. Likewise guys please spare the “what is she talking about!?” expressions. It’s high time this taboo got destroyed. And I am gonna promise myself that next time I won’t flinch talking about it.

A fresh start…

     It has been a long time since I wrote something. The last time I decided to write my thoughts a competition popped up and I ended up submitting my article. Guess what! I did claim the prize. So I should have only started writing more is what you are wondering right!? Instead I took a single criticism affect my passion. I do regret my act of folly.

     Writing is an art and artists (all of them I say) will be definitely criticised. Opinions vary depending on people’s thoughts and that shouldn’t deter you. So I took my next step by creating this blog to voice my thoughts. I am now open to all criticisms. 🙂

     If you are reading this and your long lost thoughts of writing or starting a blog is resurfacing, wait no longer. And I have to thank all my fellow friends who pushed me to start writing again. I needed the motivation. I dedicate this to you guys. Hence I finish my first post. Glad!