A fresh start…

     It has been a long time since I wrote something. The last time I decided to write my thoughts a competition popped up and I ended up submitting my article. Guess what! I did claim the prize. So I should have only started writing more is what you are wondering right!? Instead I took a single criticism affect my passion. I do regret my act of folly.

     Writing is an art and artists (all of them I say) will be definitely criticised. Opinions vary depending on people’s thoughts and that shouldn’t deter you. So I took my next step by creating this blog to voice my thoughts. I am now open to all criticisms. πŸ™‚

     If you are reading this and your long lost thoughts of writing or starting a blog is resurfacing, wait no longer. And I have to thank all my fellow friends who pushed me to start writing again. I needed the motivation. I dedicate this to you guys. Hence I finish my first post. Glad!


Author: Introvertthoughts

Hey! I guess I will be using this platform to voice out some of my thoughts. Hope u like it. Appreciations and criticisms are equally welcome. Ok bye :p

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